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Au Web Group off 20+ years of dedicated experience behind the optimisation of websites and each year our seo specialists are sharpening their tools with new and improved knowledge, designed for success, our team of optimisation specialists offer very reliable techniques, that will help you to fulfil your companies organic search presence.
We have found websites fall under 2 areas

1. Organic Lift

this is where you have a website and are ranking page 3 or 4 on the SERPS. Your very close to reaching page 1 but your site keeps bouncing back.

Our team will deep dive into the sites health and view each page to determine what is stopping your success to reaching a top ranking position on page 1. An indepth report will be provided for us to continue to implement and get your site ranking in the top 10.

2  Traffic Accelerator gives you the opportunity to gain high rankings on targeted search terms (keywords) within major search engine, Google.

The traffic accelerator, is taking the organic lift report and working on implementing the SEO strategy for a total of 3 months. In that time, we would hope to achieve a top 10 rank under 10 or 12 of your priority keyword search terms. These plans will give you the edge you need against your competitors. In fact, they are GOLD. Don't hesitate any longer, while your ranks are suffering so is your bottomline.

All SEO Plans include the following:

  • Site health check
  • Comparison % check against the no.1 ranked website, under your main keywords.
  • On page implementation in these area: Meta data, content, headlines, internal linking, external linking, html, speed optimisation, image alts, algorithm calculated.
  • Monthly ranking report 
  • Quarterly SEO Audits
  • Consultation by phone / email / zoom

Google Locality Map

  • Supporting local business is now stronger than ever and with this in mind your free local listing on Google will  need a revamp
  • Improve on your site's ranking in the Google search results (Google uses information on your business from all over the web, the more presence you can have online – the more likely you will have a higher ranking)
  • Establish a stronger brand for your business
  • Improve your site's interaction with users and receive more reviews.

Search engines, especially Google will be the ultimate success for your business.  Most people when they perform a search do not go beyond the second page (first 20 or 30 search engine results), so it is critical that your website is optimised to appear within the top 10 results.

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